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New version - Ski Jump iX 2021 - Windows & Mac (Opera GX) or iOS, Android

You can play the Opera GX version for free or buy the full option - no ads or user tracking!

Various challenges available for players!

Online records and achievements available!

Online records, career and achievements!

Old Version - Ski Jump X Free 2014 - Android 4.0 - APK - Online mode no longer working

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The first version of the game

Ski jump X Free version is available for older android devices!

The new version has improved physics, jumper graphics and fixed known issues.

Built-in achievements have also been added

A copy of the old version can be found on the website:

Thank you !

A game about ski jumping.

Jump like the best jumpers in the world!

Game Modes:





Multiplayer with computer jumpers

(Jump as a new or built-in jumper)

Teams Cup



Jumpers editor

Team editor

Suit editor

Fan zone



There are 15 hills in the game, from k65 to k300!

Online records

Built-in achievements to earn in-game.

Two control modes!

Easy for everyone and with full control for professionals.

Such steering guarantees long and perfect jumps!

The game will be expanded!