O Grze Ski Jump iX

Ski jumping season 2021/2022

⛷️ Break records online and take part in competitions!

Record statistics are reset to zero at the beginning of each season.

The most important information about the game on iOS, Android:

Various modes available, e.g.

Career, 4 hills tournament, Ski flying Championships

Team Cup, Multiplayer up to 10 players.

Virtual jumpers also take part in the competition.

Currently there are 15 hills to choose from of different sizes.

Browser game:

The version targets Opera GX browsers and allows single jumps and competitions or GXC challenges!

Two control options:

Touch controls "click" - it's easy for everyone!

For fans of the previous version and professionals, we recommend "swiping" with your finger.

Game rules:

  1. It is not allowed to use any software that changes the game code.

  2. It is not allowed to manipulate the results sent to the server.

  3. If an attempt is made to manipulate the force of the wind or the results achieved, the player will be automatically blocked.

  4. The same rules apply to all versions of the game.

In the event of breaking the regulations:

Information about the lock will not be displayed.

The results will then not be taken into account.

One-time lock lasts a month, the second lock suspends the results permanently.

Please follow the rules.

We also appreciate the activity of all jumpers, thank you!